Bubble tent

Enjoy the transparent space inside the bubble tent and be as close to the nature as possible.
Feel free to arrange according to your needs and turn a little piece of nature in your own private sanctuary of peace and quiet, free of insects.

What is it?

Bubble tent is an inflatable tent visually similar to the glass ball. Limpid „bubble tent” can be placed almost anywhere. The bubble can serve indoor expositions or outdoor experience – free from insects and rain. The bubble is made from PVC or TPU material, its weled so its weather proof. The silent blower keep the tent stable but do not disturb the peaceful stay...

Can be adjusted for multiple purposes.

They are perfect for parties, restaurant, chill rooms or airzone tents where people can breathe fresh filtered air. Each Bubble tent is custom designed and manufactured by order, this ensures us that all our clients receives THE perfect Bubble tent for their needs! Please notice: THESE ARE NOT CHINESE PRODUCTS, we make them in OUR FACTORY IN POLAND and we make them 100% in EU materials.

It's completely up to you! What to do with it

Our Clear & Semi-Clear Bubble Tents are the perfect combination of "Camping and Glamour". These Camping Tents offer both comfort and close to the nature feeling. Its like being in a Five Star Luxury Hotel in most unusual places. Thes pods bring the special childhood memories of sleeping under the stars with your family or friends. Suprise the one You love and organize a romantic experience- falling asleep together under the stunning night sky.

No permits required

As with our other products , bubble tent does not need any building permits. The lightweight blower, do not constitute any harm to the environment in which they are located. They are quick to assemble and thanks to smart design they can be adjusted in a minute rather then hour.

Bubble tent is fully customizable

it can be either 100% transparent- a 360 degree view of the night sky, for all you star lovers or Semi-Transparent to get some more pirvacy. Bubble tent - its like nothing else on the camping market today! It allows You to be in nature and have a magnificent view of your surrounding. Why stay in the ordinary tent...when you can have something extra ordinary!

Compose them in a modular way

You can build a small village of tents bubble. Compose them in separate rooms and connect them with tunnels. Bubble gives You endless possibilities of use.

How much does the dome cost?

If You are interested in more details please contact us.
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