What glamping really is.

First of all - the living places. The more unique then better. That's why we believe that our products are as unique as you can imagine. All of our domes, geodesic tree houses and bubble tents are build thinking about ecology and comfort for their guests. It combines the idea of comfort of a hotel with excitement and adventure of a camping trip

True definition of glamping is really easy. Glamping involves accommodations and facilities far more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. It's a mix of words of glamorou and camping. Unlike camping, which typically takes place in the woods or by a lake, glamping destinations are both unique and exclusive. That gives You a true definition and a way of life.

Glam up your business

The term of "glamping" in the internet searches between 2011 - 2014 rised buy almost 110%. and the trend is still growing

Searches of term like "glamping in the UK" and similar have been increased approx. 88% since last year and is in a level near a 1000 questions a month

Despite the summer of 2012 being the wettest in 100 years there was still increase of 41% of glampers comparing previous years. (

Rise of inquiries for glamping stay in Britain in 2013-2014 - rise up to 32%

Who is a glamper?

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney have been spotted in VIP tents at music festivals. Conservation parks and wilderness reserves are suddenly attracting A-list visitors—and their entourages. Even royalty has given glamping a go, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently spending a (very lavish) night under the Outback stars during their tour of Australia.

Glam up your business

We are a group of enthusiasts that helps to create glamping business from start to finish. We take care of the appropriate plan that will enable the effective execution of the project and we will help you to advertise it. We will begin from checking the potential of your location and we'll help you to find proper tools to satisfy your new guests and yourself. We present the plan of investment costs and financial prognosis for future years. We will do everything that's in our power to successfully work together

Introduction to glamping business

We'll present you the specifics of the industry, how to successfully enter the market and we'll show you few successful cases. We'll give you necessary guidelines for planning you business

Glamping investment opportunities

Present revenues, profitability, costs, ROI, real property search and much more. We will do our best to optimize and accelerate your budget at the beginning of your journey

Glamping business strategy planing

We will present you a complete plan for the profitability of investments, we will help you write a complete business plan to optimize costs and improves compression

Glamping brand strategy building

Help to build, define and clarify individual strategy identification system, we'll take care of visual communication within the potential destination, brand and marketing.

Architectural planning and landscape design

Prepare initial draft, present a potential destination system, help in obtaining required building permits, however, our products do not always need them. We will present full documentation of our work

Creation of hospitality intelligence

We'll examine the tourism and location potential, we'll present the selection of products and accessories to make your site more attractive. We will use all our knowlage to help you the best we can.

Creating promotional material

To relieve you from your responsibility we will create a web page, copywriting, and marketing strategie. We'll advertise the further promotion of your glamping business and will do much more

Implementation of glamping infrastructure

After determining all the details related to the opening the new glamping spot, we'll proceed with construction of work or other modernization activity needed to make your glamping spot special for your new guests

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